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Month: August 2013

The Sports Journal

Pinstripe Press

Games are nearing the end of the season and the Yankees are no longer winning like they should. For a little while there was some hope. It seems to be dwindling. Derek Jeter returned (again). He looked okay going 0…

The Sports Journal

New Britain School System Establishes New Youth Basketball League

This year, superintendent Kelt Cooper has partnered with Jerry Carter, president of VIBE Athletics, to provide students in New Britain’s public elementary and middle schools with their own youth basketball league to supplement their after school programs. The new league,…


Follow the Rules

For months the New Britain City Journal has been writing about residents disliking robocalls. People feel getting too many calls is like crying wolf. Mayor Tim O’Brien refused to listen. This week a complaint was filed against him that hopefully…


Editor’s Note 8/30/2013

I thought a lot about changes in New Britain this past week. How we need to do things to make it better. It occurred to me a change of mayor is not all that is needed. If we don’t get…


Counting Coup

In some Native American cultures a young warrior wishing to prove his merit would ride straight at the enemy, touch him and ride away. He reserved the act of killing for edible game. The objective here was to prove courage….

The Sports Journal

Pigskin Predictions

The season is less than a week away, so it is time to make some predictions. Last year I finished at 144-76 for the year with about 65.8 percent correct. AFC East – The New England Patriots Did you really…


Do You Have the Most Important Card in Your Wallet?

September is National Library Card Month – the month that celebrates library cards and their benefits. In the last couple of years, at New Britain Public Library, we have seen a wonderful increase of cardholders. Let’s keep that number growing….


NB Historical Society to Hold Fundraiser Sept. 6

If you are interested in helping to support the New Britain Historical Society gain a new building somewhere in our City and have a fun night out, there is a fundraiser just for you. On Sept. 6 the historical society…


Polish Folk Dance Group “Ziemia Bydgoska” to Perform at TOM

“Ziemia Bydgoska” will be coming from Poland to perform at Trinity on Main (TOM) Sept. 1 at 3 p.m. According to Lucian Pawlak, organizer, there is a dancing group in Connecticut he was trying to get to perform in Dozynki….

Feature News

Complaint Filed Against O’Brien

A complaint was filed with the State Elections Enforcement Commission that Mayor Tim O’Brien used City resources to help in his re-election campaign. Former Republican Town Chairman Dwight Blint said he filed a complaint Wednesday afternoon because O’Brien used a…