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Month: November 2012


Sherwood Issues “Gag Order”

Phil Sherwood, mayor’s deputy chief of staff, told the New Britain City Journal this week that all inquiries into any City department would have to go through him in Mayor Tim O’Brien’s office. From there he said he would decide…


Security Guard Apologizes for his Role

To the Editor: I am the security guard at City Hall the night of the Council Meeting, Protest, and Flag Incident. I am a 13 year employee of the City. I would like to apologize to any and all people…


Who Do You Believe?

Two alarming things happened this week that has brought under question the integrity in our City. One is by the mayor’s office and one is by our daily newspaper. Phil Sherwood, deputy chief of staff, told the paper this week…


Editor’s Note 11/30/2012

If you have been reading my editors note for the past two plus years you know at least a couple things about me. 1. I love the City of New Britain and enjoy bringing you the good news in it….


World Holiday Celebration at Trinity-on-Main in New Britain

The Eastern Culture Arts, Inc. (ECA) of West Hartford will be presenting a World Holiday Celebration, a colorful, exciting show of dance and music, with groups from around the state and from Massachusetts. The celebration will be at Trinity-on-Main in…

The Sports Journal

Pigskin Predictions

I was 8-4 last week putting my overall season record to 105-54. Not too shabby. The New England Patriots take on Miami in Florida at 1 p.m. on Sunday. The Dolphins always play the Pats hard. It’s just hard to…

The Sports Journal

Mistakes Cost New Britain a Wishbone Bowl Upset

The Berlin football players, coaches and fans should have taken a moment at their bountiful Thursday repast to offer thanks to New Britain for broadening the path to victory. The opportunistic Redcoats, headed to the playoffs for the fourth straight…


Alyce Carella Brings Dance Studio to New Britain

A year ago, Alyce Carella celebrated her 50th anniversary as a dance instructor. Three months ago, she opened a satellite dance studio on West Main Street in New Britain. “It was actually my granddaughter’s idea,” said Carella. “I wasn’t planning…


People with Chronic Health Conditions Urged to Get a Flu Vaccine

If you are one of the millions of Americans with a long-term health condition like asthma, diabetes, stroke, heart or lung disease, this important information about the flu applies to you. When combined with your existing health condition, the flu…

Feature News

Sam Zherka: People Love Him, Politicians Hate Him

Residents in New Britain may find themselves hearing more and more about a certain New York man lately as the character in question, Sam Zherka, ramps up his battle against what he sees as the injustices that are occurring in…