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Month: January 2012

The Sports Journal

NB Sports Hall of Fame Announced Inductees

The New Britain Sports Hall of Fame Committee is proud to announce those nominees who shall be inducted into the New Britain Sports Hall of Fame on Thursday, April 26, 2012 at the Generale Ameglio Society Ballroom located at 13…


Rep. Tercyak Presents AT&T Grant

State Representative Peter Tercyak (D- New Britain) presented Community Mental Health Affiliates (CMHA) with a grant from the AT&T Foundation to purchase 75 wireless notebook computers to improve client services today in New Britain. “CMHA provides critical care to the…


Editor’s Note 1-27-2012

It’s the fourth week of January already. It seems like Christmas and New Year’s Day was just last week. I sure hope the rest of the winter flies by and Spring comes early this year. This week I had the…


Board of Education Initial Budget Calls for 11.5 percent Increase

The Board of Education has a long way to go before sending a budget to the Common Council, but the superintendent’s budget request showed an increase Monday night of 11.5 percent from $118 million to $131.6 million. “When we worked…

The Sports Journal

Hewitt Bigger Than his Size

Goodwin Tech’s junior forward Damien Hewitt may not stand above 6-foot, yet he always sees basketballs that carom off the rim as his. Hewitt leads the Gladiators in scoring (17.8 points per game through the hair-raising 37-36 win over Platt…

The Sports Journal

Goodwin Tech Undefeated Secret

Perhaps the best-kept secret among city sports enthusiasts is that there is an undefeated high school basketball team in our midst. The team plays in a recently refurbished, well-illuminated gymnasium further brightened by the glowing hue of orange upon black….


The Bistro at Roma Opens New Menu

Roma Sports Bar and Grill has opened the dining room this week calling it The Bistro at Roma. It will feature new Roma Chef, Nicholas Mangene. He is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in 2000 and has…


How To Lose Your SAD Winter Blues

Have you been feeling SAD lately? You could be suffering from a more severe form of the “winter blues.” Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is a mood disorder associated with depression, relating to seasonal changes in sunlight during the fall…

The Sports Journal

Giants Played First Scheduled Game against All-New Britain

The 1925 season was the first season for the New York Giants in the National Football League. The team finished with a record of 8–4 against league opponents. But, did you know one of the teams it beat was All-New…

Feature News

Everything You Need to Know About City Snow Operations

Snow has already fallen this season, but there is plenty to learn about a snow situation in the City. The City has 16 drivers who plow 12 miles of road in one shift. There are 160 miles in New Britain….