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In Our Schools

In Our Schools

Elections 2013 – Board of Education – Stacy Rosado (R)

Born & raised in New Britain, I am a product of our city. My mother is Polish-American and my father is Puerto-Rican. I am very proud to represent both ethnicities. I attended New Britain schools and graduated from NBHS in…

In Our Schools

Elections 2013 – Board of Education – Nick Mercier (R)

My name is Nick Mercier and I’m running for the Board of Education in New Britain. My first experience in education was as a scout leader. I was often in charge of teaching younger scouts first aid, cooking, hiking, and…

In Our Schools

Elections 2013 – Board of Education – Judy Greco (D)

I have taught in New Britain for 35 years. My background includes teacher, counselor, housemaster and principal. I moved to New Britain after my retirement and have continued to serve the children of New Britain. I graduated from Central Ct….

In Our Schools

Elections 2013 – Board of Education – Daniel Davis (R)

My name is Daniel Davis and I am running for the New Britain Board of Education. For several months I have had the privilege of working as an interim teacher at New Britain High School. I have seen firsthand what…

In Our Schools

Elections 2013 – Board of Education – Sharon Beloin-Saavedra (D)

I am seeking re-election to a third term on the New Britain Board of Education because I believe deeply in urban education. Education is the great equalizer in life. It levels the playing field of opportunity. I would like to…

In Our Schools

Hoops Showdown

Hey New Britain, it’s been awhile, but it’s Matt and Debbie again! Last week, HALS Academy held its last home basketball game this season. Every week, the middle schools in New Britain compete against one another in basketball. This week…

Feature In Our Schools

Students Attend Health & Wellness Fair at NBHS

Going from booth to booth students of all ages from New Britain had the chance to learn about everything health related Tuesday as the New Britain Health Academy held its second Health & Wellness Fair. “All schools from pre-school to…

In Our Schools

Robotics Team Honored by School Board

The Slade Middle School Robotics Team were among those honored during Monday nights Board of Education meeting for their robot “Bugsy”. Jeff Bouchard, tech ed teacher at Slade, said that he felt privileged to work with talented students at Slade….

In Our Schools

Student Corner

Hey New Britain! It’s Matthew Lewicki and Debbie-Marie Brown. This is our first time writing in the New Britain City Journal (or any newspaper for that matter) and we’re honored by the opportunity handed to us. We’d like to start…