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New Britain Polish Life

New Britain Polish Life

A Procession of Faith at Sacred Heart on Good Friday

Sacred Heart parish in New Britain has held a processional commemoration of the Stations of the Cross since 2004. Fr. Stanislaw Dudek inspired and organized this event, beginning the solemn and beautiful tradition eight-years-ago. “All the credit goes to Fr….

New Britain Polish Life

Jenny Jones – TV Personality – Aka Janina Stranski

The daughter of a Polish army officer who served in WWII, Janina Stranski moved with her family to London, Ontario, Canada, where she broke into show business as a drummer in a touring rock band when she was 16. At…

New Britain Polish Life

Sylvia Sarzynska – Talented Young Area Artist

A newer member to the Society of Polish Artists (under the auspices of the Polish Foundation of CT in New Britain) is Sylvia Sarzynska, a talented artist who’s been fascinated with oil painting for the past decade. Her subject matter…

New Britain Polish Life

A Traditional Polish Easter Basket Consists of Many Items

Easter baskets of various sizes were probably spotted in stores around the area the day following Valentine’s. In the world of business, these things happen quicker than we ever expect. These Easter baskets are themed in many child-oriented ways, with…

New Britain Polish Life

Surviving Russian Deportation During WWII

Kazimierz Barut, now in his 86th year, stood tall throughout the lecture he gave recently at the Sloper Wesoly House on Grove Hill St. He shared in detail experiences regarding his and his family’s deportation to Siberia in February 1940….

New Britain Polish Life

Emotionalist Art Group Exhibits at Sloper Wesoly House

The Polish American Foundation of CT sponsored an exceptional exhibit of Emotionalist art on April 2 at the Sloper Wesoly House on Grove Hill St. The work of 26 artists was exhibited during this also “17th Anniversary of the Emotionalists…

New Britain Polish Life

Raising Hunger Awareness During Lent at PJPII

Lent is a Christian tradition, a special time of prayer, penance, sacrifice and good works which are intended to prepare Christians for Easter. Lent lasts 40 days, beginning on Ash Wednesday. The number “40” has always had special spiritual significance…

New Britain Polish Life Recreation

A Great Season for Falcon Nest 88 Ski Club

This winter, with abnormally heavy snow and arctic cold, may have been difficult on many individuals, but for skiers, it was a blessing. The New Britain Falcons Club Nest 88 Ski Club took full advantage of the plentiful snows of…

New Britain Polish Life

Forming Friendships at Marian Heights Adult Day Care Center

Socialization with peers is an important part of everyone’s life no matter what age they happen to be. This important factor is taken into consideration at Marian Heights Adult Day Care Center on Osgood Ave. in New Britain, where a…