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New Britain Polish Life

Surviving Russian Deportation During WWII

Kazimierz Barut, now in his 86th year, stood tall throughout the lecture he gave recently at the Sloper Wesoly House on Grove Hill St. He shared in detail experiences regarding his and his family’s deportation to Siberia in February 1940….

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Mayor’s Budget: Zero Tax Increase

Mayor Timothy Stewart presented the Common Council with his budget Wednesday night showing a zero percent increase in taxes. Stewart said that this is his eighth budget and this year, “the picture is even gloomier.” He proposed a cut of…


Mayor Stewart’s Budget Speech

To the Members of the Common Council: I bring before you my eighth budget as Mayor of New Britain. Each year it seems this message becomes more difficult as the financial challenges of an urban community in a stagnant economy…

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Tax Situation Highlighted at CPOA Annual Meeting

The Citizens Property Owners Association, Inc. (CPOA) held its 87th annual meeting Sunday with three speakers including Mayor Timothy T. Stewart, Susan Kniep, President of the Federation of CT Taxpayer Organizations and Nicholas Mercier, Chairman of the Board of Finance…


New York Bully Crew Gives Advice on Handling Pit Bulls

Those dealing with dogs – in particular pit bulls – at the city pound were given a number of tips on handling the dogs as well as ways to get them adopted. The New York Bully Crew made a visit…

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Busway Project Drives Forward

A project New Britain officials see as key to the future of the City received the go ahead by Gov. Dannel Malloy on Monday. Malloy gave approval to the $572 million Hartford to New Britain Busway Project, committing $113 million…


Editor’s Note 04/08/11

For weeks now I have been looking forward to telling our readers about our new and improved website. I’ve had to hold my tongue about it longer than I wished. It is not complete, but it is up and looking…

New Britain Polish Life

Emotionalist Art Group Exhibits at Sloper Wesoly House

The Polish American Foundation of CT sponsored an exceptional exhibit of Emotionalist art on April 2 at the Sloper Wesoly House on Grove Hill St. The work of 26 artists was exhibited during this also “17th Anniversary of the Emotionalists…


CW Resources Provides Jobs for the Challenged

Many people drive by the CW Resources Building at 200 Myrtle St. daily without really understanding what is done in that eight floor high-rise that seems to outshine most buildings around it. The 104,000 square foot structure is a hotbed…

New Britain Polish Life

Raising Hunger Awareness During Lent at PJPII

Lent is a Christian tradition, a special time of prayer, penance, sacrifice and good works which are intended to prepare Christians for Easter. Lent lasts 40 days, beginning on Ash Wednesday. The number “40” has always had special spiritual significance…