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Lori Chudzik, R.N. | New Britain Health Department


City Wide Community Baby Shower to be Held

The New Britain Health Department will host a free community-wide baby shower for pregnant women who are city residents. The event will take place on Wednesday May 11 from 2-4 p.m. at the New Britain YWCA, 22 Glen St. There…

New Britain Polish Life

A Procession of Faith at Sacred Heart on Good Friday

Sacred Heart parish in New Britain has held a processional commemoration of the Stations of the Cross since 2004. Fr. Stanislaw Dudek inspired and organized this event, beginning the solemn and beautiful tradition eight-years-ago. “All the credit goes to Fr….

Princess Kate Brings Back Fascinators

As Kate Middleton and Prince William say their “I do’s” an old style is becoming in fashion again. Perhaps, you have seen a “Fascinator” on the head of the new Princess. “Fascinators have been worn for centuries in lieu of…

Feature News

Busway Leads to Downtown Grant

The City received a $212,000 Sustainable Communities Planning Grant in order to look at how to beautify downtown. The grant became available because the Busway Project was approved. “We are using it to look at making downtown New Britain more…


Creative Expressions Shared in Polish Poetry Group

When the group gathers, it’s like the rest of the world around them is put on hold – at least while they’re sharing their poetry – that formation and creation of literary art in which language is used for its…


Civil War Celebration Meaningful

It was great for the City to see a statewide celebration like the Civil War Commemoration begin here. New Britain played a large role in the civil war. And we honor it everyday with the Civil War monument at Central…


Adult Entertainment Comedy Arrives at Trinity-on-Main

On April 15, the once hallowed church halls of Trinity-on-Main reverberated from the stridency of four-letter expletives hurled into the night by two talented, ace comediennes who appeared at the revamped theater to a wildly receptive, nearly sold-out house. In…


Good Parenting Skill Tips and Support Available

Parenting is one skill that is not often taught by our own family of origin. Instead we tend to absorb what we learned from our parents or caregivers based on how we were treated as we grew up, whether it…

Feature Recreation

Fishing Derby Hooks a Crowd

Tyler Olson, age 5, excitedly held up his 11 ounce prize trout Saturday at Martha Hart Park to show everyone. “Where’s my prize?” he shouted in exuberance as his trout indeed was one of 15 tagged for a prize on…

New Britain Polish Life

Jenny Jones – TV Personality – Aka Janina Stranski

The daughter of a Polish army officer who served in WWII, Janina Stranski moved with her family to London, Ontario, Canada, where she broke into show business as a drummer in a touring rock band when she was 16. At…