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Block Party Saturday

The First ever Franklin Square Around the World Block Party is planned for Saturday. “It’s been a hard year economically and the winter was so cruddy that we wanted to start a party for our neighbors,” said Jen Kilps of…


MRSA Can Be A Very Serious Skin Infection

There are many different types of skin infections, but Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, known as MRSA, is one to pay attention to. MRSA is a type of bacteria on the skin that cannot be treated by many antibiotics. The bacteria can…


BE’KAH CD Release Concert Live at Trinity-on-Main

Over the past several years, thousands upon thousands have experienced Trinity-on-Main’s incredible live entertainment from all spectrums of the arts circle. Downtown New Britain’s premiere location for LIVE entertainment has showcased everything from sold out comedy show, nationally recognized cover…


Concessions Needed This Year

As City employees look at the possibility of concessions, they must take into consideration what it means to City functions and fellow employees. Two New Britain education unions agreed to concessions this year saving over 25 jobs. State employees on…


Editor’s Note 7/8/2011

Every year it seems the New Britain fireworks are the best ever. This year was no exception. It sure seemed the crowd of 40,000-50,000 thought so too. I have never seen a crowd so big turnout for the City’s fireworks….

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Mayor Seeks Concessions

City departments may get an overhaul as Mayor Timothy Stewart fights to find ways to cut over $6 million from its budget. Stewart met with unions Thursday to talk to separate bargaining unions about concessions and early retirement incentives and…

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Malloy Talks Jobs

Gov. Dannel Malloy visited New Britain Wednesday stopping at the corner of Chestnut and Main St. to talk with Iron Workers Local 15 who are constructing the new police station. He spoke with about a dozen workers concerning what they…


Pending Sales of Single Family Homes in Greater Hartford Increase

According to the Greater Hartford Association of REALTORS® (GHAR), pending sales rose 40.83 percent (from 627 to 883) from May of last year. Closed sales dropped 28.36 percent (from 871 to 624) and new listings increased 34.93 percent (from 1417…

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Fireworks Light Up City Skies

For a while it appeared New Britain would not be celebrating the Fourth of July. But, thanks to various donations, the City held its biggest fireworks celebration ever Monday night at Stanley Quarter Park. “We had the best weather and…


Kitchen Storage Products Can be Tricky

Dear Les Is More: I have kitchen issues! Do you have any suggestions on keeping school lunches cold and instead of using post it notes or writing on tape how to keep dates on your food? I’ve looked for new…