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Democrats Make Process a Sham

Donald Sterling and Bruce Levenson make racist remarks and are forced to sell their NBA teams. Alderman Michael Trueworthy gets drunk, degrades women and the gay population and City Democrats don’t believe he should even undergo a hearing for a removal process. Instead they brush it aside and say ‘lets give him a second chance’.

What does it say about the Democratic Party in New Britain?

Most people in New Britain are members of the Democratic Party because it is known for sticking up for the small guy, the minority, the average citizen. Well, in New Britain none of those priorities count if one of your own is involved.

Every woman and gay person should be outraged that Mr. Trueworthy is on the Council. But, more importantly they should be outraged that the Democratic Party fought to keep him there.

One of the party reasonings was it is up to residents to not re-elect him next year and not the Council. Removing him is what residents across the City are asking for.

Is there any doubt he will not be re-elected in 2015? Do these Democrats care at all what residents want right now?

They are not in touch with the community. Instead they treated residents like they are ignorant. We should all be furious.

Each one of the council members who voted not to take a look at Mr. Trueworthy’s actions should be remembered.

They are Carlo Carlozzi, David DeFronzo, Adam Platosz, Eva Magnaszewski, Tonilynn Collins, Shirley Black and Manny Sanchez.

Those people did not think the opinions of the residents that voted them in office were more important than helping a friend, a colleague, a fellow Democrat.

Most of these Democrats agreed that Mr. Trueworthy did awful things, but still refuse to vote to look into his actions.

Isn’t that why they were voted in? To make the proper decisions no matter how hard it is?

The entire process was a sham. There was no way Democratic Aldermen were going to make the party look weak.

And that was what their decision was about – protecting a party member at all costs. Even if it costs residents to think twice about what the Democratic Party in New Britain is really all about.