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Editor’s Note 9/5/2014

I always end off the editors note with a joke, but on Wednesday I heard a few good lines I had to share right away. So you will get your laughs at the beginning this week.

You will not find these in most news articles but perhaps they were the highlight if not the most fun part of the Costco groundbreaking ceremony.

During Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman’s introduction of Tim Stewart as she stood between he and his daughter, Mayor Erin Stewart, and remarked that no one should be confused as to which one is which regarding father and daughter. Tim Stewart replied “sometimes I am” implying that Erin Stewart is his boss in more ways than one. The crowd replied “Go Erin!” to great laughter.

The second amusing anecdote came when Tim Stewart spoke.

He said, “In a year hopefully some of you will be standing out front and saying ‘Welcome to Costco’.”

Ms. Wyman, who is running for re-election replied, “I hope you weren’t pointing to me.”

And that brought the biggest roar to the crowd of the day.

I had to share as I thought most people would get a kick out of these comments.

I attended the civil service commission meeting Tuesday night. It seems there is quite a bit to interpret. The commission asked some good questions. I hope on Monday night they are not afraid to call people back up and ask a few more.

It’s a shame the two highest ranked candidates that withdrew their applications will not be heard. I think their testimony would have been key. I am excited to hear how the commission rules and what they base their decision on.

It’s too bad we were not allowed to watch the ethics commission meetings last month. I would have liked to see more and know why they did not rule that there was an ethics violation.

So kids are back in school. Hopefully, it will be a good one and we can bring you a lot of news about it. It always seems dull during the summer when the kids are not doing school work. At least it feels that way to me.

Why was the hottest day of the year, or so it seemed,  in September? The day after Labor Day. If I recall Memorial Day was cold. I think the seasons are confused this year.

Just a warning to Mother Nature “no hurricanes or bad weather on Halloween please!” Halloween is closer than you think. I sure hope this year’s celebration is the best one yet. Please consider donating to the Halloween Safe Zone by contacting this paper at 850-505-7612 or the Downtown District. It is our way of making sure kids have a safe Halloween.

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Until next week watch out for the heat and keep reading YOUR #1 Most Trusted New Britain Newspaper!