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“I Remember New Britain” Continues to Thrive on Facebook

“Welcome Home,” the message sent to every new member, are two words that convey the essence of this site. This not only upholds the idea that the site is a memory of home to its members, but also assures new members that their participation is a welcome and vital part of the site. I Remember New Britain, a Facebook group, was begun on May 6, 2010 by John W. Pater (1956-2012). This first day included this photo posted by John Nielson of the Wading Pool that was enjoyed by many members in their youths. Mr. Pater created the site and looked forward to spending his retirement maintaining the site and sharing memories of his beloved New Britain. The site has been kept alive in his honor, and about 7000 photos have been added since then, and membership has grown to over 5600. The Administrator of I Remember New Britain is Art Apruzzese, a New Britain native now residing in San Luis Obispo, California. The Co-Administrator is Amy Melissa Kirby, who is also the Founder and President of the New Britain Historical Society. The administrators welcome members, post content, and monitors postings to ensure the site retains its quality and integrity. Offensive, political, and advertising content are restricted, so it remains a fun and friendly place for the whole family. The site is open, free and public to all, and its members live throughout Connecticut and the United States and in several foreign countries. A typical day on the site features photos and comments about Main Street stores, local churches and schools, historic events, city parks and sports, and New Britain notables from previous decades and centuries.

Art Apruzzese fondly declares, “If John W. Pater were alive today he would be pleasantly surprised to see how rapidly his creation has grown and developed and how popular it has become. But the best is yet to come as more people join I Remember New Britain every day and add their memories of growing up in New Britain to the fun and excitement.” The site remains a legacy to Mr. Pater as a site that instills pride in current and former residents of this great city.

We invite you to view this site and see for yourself the wonderful stories and photos posted by our members. You too can join this amazing group by becoming a member of Facebook and going to: HYPERLINK “” and then clicking on “Join Group.” Welcome Home, New Britain!