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Old Police Station To Be Demolished

The old police station will finally be taken down.

The Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) has awarded a $2.7 million brownfields grant to the City of New Britain for the purpose of razing and remediating the site of the former New Britain Police Station on Columbus Boulevard.

“I am ecstatic that the Governor and DECD have acted favorably on our application for this grant,” said Mayor Erin Stewart. “The old NBPD station occupies a critical parcel in our downtown area and is immediately adjacent to the new CTFastrak terminal. Demolishing and remediating this site will open the door to new commercial and residential development and will be critical in bringing new vibrancy to downtown New Britain.”

In May, Governor Dannel P. Malloy announced that DECD would be accepting applications for a pool of $20 million toward brownfields redevelopment and remediation. Municipalities, economic development agencies, for-profit and non-profit developers all were eligible to apply by the June 30th deadline. The City of New Britain’s application was personally presented to an interagency committee of DECD and DEEP officials by Mayor Stewart and Kenneth Malinowski, New Britain’s Director of Municipal Development (DMD).

In June, Malinowski told the City Journal that the City was applying for a grant to demolish the police station as well as fix the area known as Parcel 9 (between the overpass and CVS).

“What has been a problem is getting economic development in the areas because of the urban fill,” said Malinowski. “Because of the environmental problems in the police station it became too expensive to rehab that. To make that property available the building should come down.”

Estimates for asbestos have been over $900,000.

The new police station on the corner of Main & Chestnut Streets opened in December of 2012. The old police station has been left vacant, but many people have expressed interest in purchasing it.

“This grant shows just how effective our newly reconstituted Department of Municipal Development can be for New Britain,” the Mayor continued. “We were able to move quickly and seize this fleeting opportunity. That doesn’t happen without DMD.”

The old NBPD station contains asbestos and other toxic agents that require extensive, and expensive, remediation before the site can be redeveloped. City officials will begin working with their counterparts at the State to complete the necessary paperwork so that this project can begin as soon as possible.

The grant was formally announced by Gov. Malloy in a press conference in Bridgeport on Wednesday.