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Unless a miracle happens and the Yankees find a way to make the playoffs this is my last Pinstripe Press for the season.

Overall I thought it was an interesting seasons for the Bronx Bombers albeit not a successful one.

We did learn that Tanaka Masahiro is a Number One Starter. If he continues his ways, he should stay with this team for a long time. He will be a star and a Cy Young could be in his future. It was the best move the Yankees have made in a long time.

We also learned Dellin Betances is closer material. His stuff is amazing and he has the talent to become the next big name closer in baseball.

The rest of the staff was a mix and match. Next year could be interesting with Michael Pineda (granted he doesn’t use tar) and other important guys returning. A few youngsters really showed potential.

The Yankees won more games by 2 runs or less than any team in baseball this year. Pitchers kept the games close although the hitting was not there.

The toughest part of this season is that it is the last for Derek Jeter. I would have loved to see it be a more successful one. He still has it and it will be tough for anyone to take his place.

I don’t expect a new Captain to be named any time soon.

So, who should stay next year? We need to keep Brett Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury. Any other outfielder we can do without.

I’m sure Mark Teixeira will stay at first. Chase Headley looks good at third base. Brian McCann and Francisco Cervelli have done fine behind the plate. All others can be dropped as far as I am concerned.

I am not looking forward to Alex Rodriguez returning next year and hope we drop or trade him. He is just a nuisance to this team.

I’m sticking to my picks of the Oakland Athletics and Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series this year with Oakland winning it all.

The A’s have not been playing well as of late, but I think they will be there when it counts.

With Masahiro injured a good part of the season I give the AL Cy Young to Felix Hernandez and the NL Cy Young to Clayton Kershaw.

I will continue to bleed blue and white and hope next year is one that brings us Number 28.