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Editor’s Note 8/15/2014

I’m a bit riled up this week about the Rock Cats. If they are not going to pay their taxes to Berlin, that means each New Britain resident paid it for them.

How can any New Britain resident go to a game and support them? I’m so disappointed that they would do that to us. They treated us badly by sneaking behind our back to go to Hartford, but this takes the cake.

I don’t know why residents are not more angry about this? I’m surprised no one is protesting or boycotting them. Do New Britain residents not care? Each one of us should be outraged. I certainly am. This City is poor enough without us getting cheated out of tax dollars.

I had to get that out before I exploded. I hate to see money taken from residents. New Britain deserves better.

On a better note I had so much fun meeting Jamelle Elliott, a former UConn basketball player. She was so sweet and down to earth just like her cousin Adrian.

They were both at a fundraiser for the New Britain Artists Co-op on West Main St last Tuesday. Hope you didn’t miss it.

On Sunday I was at the Quartette Club Charity Ride & Picnic. It was amazing watching the parade of motorcycles. It was for a great cause and I was happy to be there. I won a few raffle prizes too which is always nice. I have to say I have been very lucky this past year in raffles. When I win, I win more than once. If only that happened in Power Ball.

We have a Costco update on page 3. Hopefully they will begin construction in September. I heard from one their representatives that they hope to open for Thanksgiving of 2015. Just in time for holiday shopping.

I know I certainly will become a member. Any big business that pays its employees so well, needs to be encouraged to stay in New Britain.

I want to thank Stephen Hard for an interesting piece on page 2. Please be sure to read.

Also, Dozynki is right around the corner. It’s always a great event so please mark it down on your calendar.

I want to send condolences to the Catanzaro family on the loss of Joe Catanzaro. He was a New Britain guy who served his country and did a lot for New Britain. He actually brought us Catanzaro Meats. He will be sorely missed.

Also this week is a story on those wishing to become police officers. That is one of the toughest jobs in the world. If it is your dream, now is the time to apply. See page 4.

Time for a joke.

“No I don’t watch Soap operas. I have Facebook. There is a new episode every 5 minutes.”

Until next week don’t miss a minute of Facebook and keep reading YOUR #1 Most Trusted New Britain Newspaper!