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Editor’s Note 8/01/2014

There is nothing harder than coming back to work after taking a week off for vacation.

It was so hard not to have a paper last week especially with all the big news happening, but it was nice to take a break.

I went to Salem, Mass. to see all the witches and ghosts. I didn’t catch anything too exciting. It was a lot of fun though. I look forward to another day off sometime. My job makes vacationing very difficult. Even weekends are never my own.

Thanks to my readers for not calling in droves because we had no paper. Last year I did not warn people and the phone rang off the hook.

I heard people tell me I have a choice of owning a paper or taking a vacation. I need both.

We are back as planned and of course have a great paper this week.

It is sad to report the downfall of one of our City’s elected officials. It was a difficult story to hear and to write. I personally wish Mr. Trueworthy well. I may not always agree with his views, but I have always respected his opinion. I hope things get better for him now and I believe they will.

I am so excited about what is about to happen at the post office. Won’t it be exciting to see it when it is finished? It will probably be a place we need to send those visiting our City to take a look at. A lot of photographs, information and just tidbits will posted throughout the building. I’m in the post office every couple of days and will keep you informed on its progress. Jeff Forbes and Amy Kirby both have great ideas.

We also have two great fundraisers going on soon. You really should attend both. One is for musical instruments for the elementary and middle schools and the other helps out the NBHS band in honor of New Britain’s own Ben Cheney. Both are great causes. See pages 2 and 4 for more information.

Since I am a local reporter, I don’t keep up as much on international news as I should. I did find it interesting to see a local church going to demonstrate in New York City. It is important for our community to play a role in what they believe. I wish them well. See page 2 for more information.

I hate to mention this, but have you noticed people are already talking ‘back to school’? Wasn’t it the Fourth of July just last week? It sure seemed like it to me.

Here is a joke this week from Facebook.

“A quiet man is a thinking man. A quiet woman is usually mad.”

I don’t know, sometimes I am very loud when I am mad.

Until next week, watch out for the quiet ones and keep reading YOUR #1 Most Trusted New Britain Newspaper!