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FOI Information Revelations

Looking at nearly 3,000 emails, some information clearly came through concerning the City of New Britain and the New Britain Rock Cats.

It seems the club wanted a lot of things. Many of them included improvements to the field, but others included more control of parking.

In order to get them, the Rock Cats threatened the City that they would leave. After a while it sounds like crying wolf. Why would the City believe they were serious?

Apparently, there are times the two could not agree. This is what led to the Rock Cats looking elsewhere.

The City could not give them all they asked for due to contractual obligations. New Britain offered the club very low cost rent and tried to make expenses as low as possible. This was not enough for the Rock Cats. They wanted more. There is only so much a City can give.

Questions will remain. Should the City have given up parking and grounds work which would have caused union issues? Or was it right to hold its ground and not give in to every whim from the team.

One should remember all of this took place during Mayor Tim O’Brien’s administration and he ultimately is responsible for all decisions good and bad during that time period.

Of course not all the information concerning the two and their negotiations can be found in emails. Only those parties involved actually know the specific details that took place.

But, the Freedom of Information request did offer an interesting look at how the two communicated and spoke to each other.

Control of the field problems and many more are now Hartford’s issues. The capital city should not expect everything to run smoothly if they do get a stadium built.

The Rock Cats will ask for a lot. After all, it is all about money.

Which leads us to believe that maybe it is a good thing the Rock Cats are leaving. It is a chance to put some new life into New Britain Stadium whether it is a new team or concerts.

New Britain is ripe for a new beginning. It seems the Rock Cats have given that opportunity to us. Let’s see what we can make of it.