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Kramer Withdraws, Endorses Ceglarz

“I have decided to concede my campaign for State Representative entirely this year,” said Independent David Paul Kramer. “Following a long discussion with Peter Ceglarz, Republican endorsed opponent of Peter Tercyak in the 26th District, I can see that he is the candidate I had hoped to become.”

Kramer said, “Mr. Ceglarz, born in Poland, lifelong resident of New Britain, and owner of Ceglarz Motors Inc., is one of the most honest people I have ever met, and I believe will do what is necessary to fix New Britain.”

Kramer added that, “Mr. Tercyak has always been kind to me, and he has helped New Britain over the past decade in ways we cannot even imagine. I wish him all the best. However, I believe successful politics requires regular turnover, and I know it is time for change.”

Kramer said he will do everything in his ability to aid Ceglarz endeavors.

“I invite all of New Britain to look upon him, in search for the vision that I have seen,” said Kramer.

“I am very please to shave the news that David Kramer is no longer seeking election to the 26th General Assembly seat,” said Ceglarz. “He and I have met and after a very fruitful discussion have decided that it would be best for both of us and the district if he joined me in my campaign. He will help me as my campaign’s Coordinator of Volunteers. I know that from his experience running in the district before, he will bring added insight and enthusiasm along with people who want to see the 26th district thrive. He shares in my belief that out current representation is not enough and the more can be done to create much needed job growth and to trigger our local economy.”