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It was extremely difficult to watch the Yankees this past week. A throw away to first base to lose the game by Francisco Cervelli Saturday was typical of the team this year.

The Yankees are playing like a minor league team.

The acquisition of new pitcher Brandon McCarthy from the Diamondbacks for pitcher Vidal Nuno has no value. McCarthy is not a great pitcher. And pitching is not the main problem for this team.

Where are the hits? Averaging two runs a game will not make the Yankees winners. I keep hoping the second half of the season will change everything. I’m wondering if that really will happen this year.

Why is the hitting so lousy? To me that is the real question and problem of this team. Do we need a new hitting coach? Is everyone slumping at the same time? Which happens to be 5 out of 7 games. Are we facing tougher pitchers?

I think the Yankees do need to look at replacing Kevin Long as hitting coach. But, I also don’t see great hitters on this team. Most players are either too old or too young. No one besides Brett Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury are in their prime.

It’s time to stop trading for old guys or relying on our youngsters. They are not ready. Even Yangervis Solarte who I was so high on early in this season could not keep up his great play. And he is 26.

There is no answer unless a miracle happens and the team gets a rising star which is nearly impossible until free agency hits at the end of the season.

If this team is going to make the playoffs this year, it is going to have to get all its players hot. This could be the last year for not only Derek Jeter but Ichiro Suzuki and some others. Even Mark Teixeira is not the same guy the Yankees signed.

I predict them to win for no reason other than they are the Yankees. But, as I watch each game I doubt more and more that this is our year.

At this point, it looks like Number 28 will not be coming in 2014.