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I’ve come to the conclusion this season of the Yankees will be a roller coaster ride. The team wins 5 in a row and loses 4 in a row. They beat good teams and lose to bad teams.

There is one predictable thing in baseball – nothing is predictable.

I’ve been watching Yankee blogs each day and people love them when they win and hate them when they lose.

It’s a long season. So far the Yankees do not look World Series bound. They look like they are going to just miss to make the playoffs. There is no reason to get extremely high or low.

The important time will be in August. If the team is jelling and uninjured in the latter part of the year anything is possible.

Baseball is a long season. You can’t win a division in June.

We are nearing the mid-season and soon I will be announcing my 1st half picks for all the major awards. I can tell you one obvious thing. A Yankee pitcher is in the lead for at least one category.

If the Yankees had 5 Masahiro Tanakas they would be practically unbeatable. He did give up 1 run and lose the other night.

Do you think any other Yankees deserve any recognition for the first half of this season?

So far my biggest disappointment is Carlos Beltran. He hasn’t played bad, but I expected so much more. There were injuries but only 7 home runs and a .220 batting average is unacceptable. I expect his second half to be much better. Nearly 20 home runs and a .290 batting average would be fair to expect.

As for the team in general a .550 winning percentage is needed. Without it, we will be sitting home watching others rather than rooting for number 28.