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City to Sell Patton Brook Well to Southington

The City is in the process of signing a contract to sell Southington a 2.8 mile parcel of land for $1.2 million.

The location is the Patton Brook Well. It is located from the mouth at confluence with Quinnipiac River (just DS of River Road crossing), US to headwaters at unnamed pond (US of confluence with Mill Pond tributary, just US of Malcein Drive crossing) in Southington, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency.

The only town connected to it besides New Britain is Southington. It os not well used and is not part of New Britain’s water plan.

“The well needs to be reconstructed and would cost about $1.5 million,” said Mayor Erin Stewart. “Southington needs it as part of their back-up plan for the state.”

Previously, Southington was renting it from the City at about $106,000 a year.

They were not willing to re-up that lease at the end of 2014, said Stewart.

They offered the City $200,000 for it. Stewart declined. Instead, she negotiated a deal to sell it to them for $1.2 million.

Stewart added that this does not affect the City water department and she is not selling that vital property.

Once approved, it will go into affect for the 2014-15 City budget.