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Bizzarro to Run in 24th District

After being asked to run for state representative several times by the New Britain Republican party, the time is finally right for Attorney Gennaro Bizzarro to throw his hat in the ring for the 24th District.

“The timing was never right, but I think we are in a dire position now and it is time for us to take charge and try a new approach at the legislature,” said Bizzarro.

He said the state needs to get serious about tax reform.

“The system we have now does not work. There is an over reliance on the property tax. It is the sole source of revenue for municipalities,” Bizzarro said. “Municipalities in New Britain and Newington have serious problem with a government run on limited dollars.”

Education reform is another item Bizzarro would like to focus on.

“We have to consider reforming the ECS formula and find a new way to fund education in this state,” he said. “At the state level, we need to do a whole lot more to promote business development. We have to stop the mass exodus of jobs and people out of the state. People are not sticking around. Kids graduate and go out of state because that is where opportunities and jobs are. Older people retire and take pensions and move to other states. Very few people are coming to Connecticut and we need to change that.”

Bizzarro has been corporation counsel for two mayors. He held the position with Mayor Tim Stewart for over 5 years and has been with Mayor Erin Stewart since November.

In 2006 Bizzarro chaired the City Finance Board.

“We literally went through every item line by line and cut on the expenditures side,” he said. “It is pretty rare to cut expenditures. I take great pride in that accomplishment. We helped Tim Stewart hold the line on property taxes.”

Bizzarro describes himself as a staunch fiscal conservative.

“I want a real balanced budget and not gimmicks like what is going on now at the capitol,” he said. “I don’t believe in deficits and passing the buck. We are always asked to do more with less and looking for ways to save. Legislators need to be held to same exact standard.”

Bizzarro has lived in New Britain since he was 12 years old and is a graduate of New Britain High School.

“I’m a New Britain guy through and through,” he said. “I practiced in New York for a while and then came back to New Britain.”

Bizzarro said he is also in favor of a moratorium on unfunded mandates, compensating cities 100 percent for tax revenue lost through pilot programs and doing more to encourage regionalization.

“It is the only way municipalities can save significant money in the future,” he said. “Municipalities need to share sales tax revenue and aggregate purchasing power.”

He said he is in favor of eliminating the car tax and identifying targeting development zones.

“I would look to offer tax incentives for business who want to locate their businesses in their zones and individuals who want to live in their zones,” he said. “The state needs to do a better job of investing in transportation and infrastructure improvements. Infrastructure needs massive upgrades all over the state. That is one of the essential functions of government.”

Bizzarro is running against Democrat Rick Lopes in November.