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Editor’s Note 5/16/2014

When I was at the Common Council Budget hearing Monday I noticed something I think was important. Most people there spoke on saving the Human Services Bureau, but those few who spoke about cutting the budget got the most applause.

A lot of people were there, but did not speak. They just listened. Many of them seemed to look too intimidated to speak. Many walked out disgusted that more people did not talk for lowering the budget. I watched them shake their heads when people spoke about adding services.

Sometimes at meeting not everyone speaks. There was definitely a silent group that came in hopes of hearing people speak to lower the budget.

I hope the Council members noticed this too. No one wants taxes raised too high. It is imperative to keep them low. If taxes rise too high, people leave. This leaves less people to pay even more in taxes. It’s a vicious circle.

I must admit I am disappointed that Heritage Day will be held inside. I was really looking forward to something like Main Street USA. I think in a few years it will grow and anything will become possible.

This week I had the chance to sit and talk with Tony Bianca II. We spoke about his father’s amazing life. He was an amazing man and I think he is following in his dad’s steps. They both have played important roles in New Britain. We are lucky to have residents like them both.

When we put up that Popeye’s was opening on our Facebook group last week the response was enormous. It seems everyone like Popeye’s. I’m excited to see it come to the City. I will definitely eat there. I would be happier to see a casual dining restaurant like Red Lobster, Joey Garlic’s or Olive Garden. We have several independent awesome restaurants in the City, but we need a few big names as well. It sure would help our taxes as well as our reputation.

I hope you read my update on Costco. It is taking so long for them to get moving. I guess that is what happens when the previous Mayor doesn’t communicate with them.

I can’t help but make one comment on the hiring of Tim O’Brien to the state level. I am told Mr. O’Brien needed to work for the state for 2 more years to get a pension. This two year job fills that need. More of our taxpayer dollars wasted.

Time for a joke or two from Facebook.

“Don’t underestimate the older generation. They got their education without the help of Google and Wikipedia.”

And one more.

“Last night I dreamt I was a car muffler. This morning I woke up totally exhausted.”

Until next week, may you have good dreams and when you awake keep reading YOUR #1 Most Trusted New Britain Newspaper!