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I’m not happy when the Yankees play on the west coast. I can’t stay up to watch the games. It’s a good thing it only happens about 2 weeks a year. Unfortunately it was this week.

What I saw of the Yankees in the last 7 days was not good.

Pitching was not up to par. Other than Masahiro Tanaka, the pitching was pathetic. CC Sabathia and Hiroki Kuroda are disappointing. They looked old.

As I write this the Bronx Bombers are tied for first with Baltimore at 16-15. I’ve said this before and I will say it again “anyone can win this division this year”. I will be surprised to see any team in the American League East pull away early.

If the Yankees are going to win, the pitching must improve. We can’t lose 4 out of 5 games again. That is a recipe for disaster.

Next week we take on the lowly Mets. That scares me. The worse a team is this year, the worse the Yankees play. We lost 2 games to Seattle last week.

We continue the National League play against Pittsburgh and the Chicago Cubs. Since they are away the DL is not in play. That just makes things worse. We can’t pitch and we lose a batter. It makes us look even older.

May just may not be the best month for this team. The key will be to win enough to stick around. If the Yanks can go .500 it should keep them within 3 games.

I saw the Yankees farm team play the New Britain Rock Cats Monday night and Caleb Cotham was throwing around 91 MPH. He pitched 6 innings giving up 2 hits for Trenton.

Why don’t we have more guys like him to call up from the farm team?

I was highly impressed with his pitching although his fielding skills needed work. The 26 year old should be higher than AA. I’m wondering if a few more pitchers should be tested.

If what we have now doesn’t work and look old maybe our youth is the answer. Let’s keep seeing players like Yangervis Solarte, Dean Anna and John Ryan Murphy.

Our future is obviously in our youth, but maybe so is 2014.