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Peter Ceglarz Seeks Nomination in 26th

Businessman Peter Ceglarz has announced he will seek the nomination in the 26th District as the Republican candidate to run against Democrat Peter Tercyak.

“I’m tired of watching the City fall apart. I’m tired of nothing being done in regards to bringing jobs to the City,” said Ceglarz. “We are not getting anywhere in regards to help from the state. Taxes are killing everybody from home owners to business owners.”

Ceglarz said there is less and less money in paychecks because of taxes even though people are working more hours. He is the owner of Ceglarz Motor Repair & Sales Inc. on West Main St. His business just took first place for Best of Harford, City of New Britain best repair facility in town.

“As a business owner I feel the pinch not just from myself, but from customers themselves on what they have to do to maintain their vehicles,” said Ceglarz. “For a family it is much more difficult to get things done on their vehicles. Everyone has to watch dollars and cents.”

Ceglarz said he is not a lifetime politician, but became inspired by what is going on in the City.

“I watched Erin (Mayor Stewart) win the election and saw that this is doable. We can do something to change this City,” Ceglarz said. “It is a matter of stepping up to the plate and doing something. I want to see a change.”

Ceglarz has lived in New Britain since 1990. He was born and raised in Poland and lived in Spain for about 2 years.

He attended Sacred Heart School and graduated from New Britain High School and then graduated from Central Connecticut State University majoring in Business, Marketing and Management.

Ceglarz is married with children.

He says with time management he can run his car business and be state representative.

“I never thought about getting into politics. I liked watching it, but I am not a career politician. We have had enough of those,” said Ceglarz. “I am an average blue collar guy that is looking to change the way things are being run. I want to help this City with the financial issues and whatever else we can do. It is not about me. It is about helping.”

Ceglarz said it is important to be involved in City issues and to give back to the community.

“The key thing right now is trying to work alongside with the Mayor and help the City get out from its problems,” said Ceglarz. “The Mayor needs all the support she can get from the right people who will do the job and not work just for themselves. It is about doing what you can in that seat for the town. I have not seen anything done.”

Ceglarz said he has been in that district for 16 years and has not seen the City progressing as it should.

“I will try to change that,” he added.