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Notch on Our Belt

With all the bad news happening each day, it is a wonderful thing to hear the City get awarded. This week Connecticut Main Street announced that it has given the City a 2014 Award of Excellence for the Complete Streetscape Master Plan in the public space category.

From the beginning of the process, about three years ago, many people from across the City got together for long monthly meetings to add their input into the City’s downtown future. People came from different backgrounds and beliefs and sat together for the good of New Britain.

Sometimes meetings lasted 4 hours and more. But, no one flinched as the streetscape project was vital for our City.

As it is still in the progress of being completed, it is great to see that all the hard work is being recognized.

The streetscape project is a wonderful thing for the City. It will transform the roads, sidewalks and Central Park. We will have new signage, streetlights, parking and most importantly a new atmosphere downtown.

It is projects like this that show off what New Britain is all about.

New Britain gets a bad rap. We hear from our neighbors all about the City’s crime and low employment rate.

But each of us should stand proud as our City is growing like none around us. With projects like this we are on the threshold of greatness. Just you wait and see.