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Editor’s Note 4/1/2011

I tried to think of a good April’s Fools joke for reader’s this week, but got nothing. I found a few jokes in Facebook like “How Much Drugs did Charlie Sheen Take? Enough to kill two and one-half men” and “There are two signs of aging. The first is forgetting things. But I can’t remember the second one.”
None of them seemed to have a great April Fool’s Day impact. So instead, we just bring you an April 1st edition that is just fun to read.
It was good news to hear major crimes in New Britain is down. It seems like when growing up in New Britain major crimes was something that happened somewhere else. Although it certainly does happen here, it is good to know we are making progress.
There will be no carnival in the center of New Britain this year. It seems I cannot remember there being no carnival. It’s always fun, but in the past few years it has become dangerous. I bet the police department will not miss it.
An alliance between the Hospital of Central Connecticut (HCC) and Hartford Healthcare should bring great things to our city. It is always good to be on the forefront in healthcare. New Britain residents should be very proud.
If you love books, you are in store for a good time. The Friends of the New Britain Public Library are planning their Spring sale, Read about it on page 3.
Dr. Eugene Ciccone has information on STI’s on page 5.
We have an interesting New Britain Polish Life page this week on page 7.
Our business feature is Parnell’s Curl Center on page 8. This salon has been in business 30 years and is having a celebration. Don’t miss it.
We have 2 reviews this week on page 10. The Hole in the Wall and the New Britain High School Annual play are reviewed. We believe everything is important and the arts in New Britain are not to be missed.
On page 9, we have a great photo page of photos from the NBHS play “Into the Woods”.
We run recipes every week, but this week I thought why not feature something for those who are diabetic. I will tell you these recipes are great even if you are not diabetic. Don’t overlook them on page 11.
Hurray, Then and Now is back on page 15. We will bring you as many as we can. Don’t forget to send us any photos we can use for that page.
Until next week, keep safe and enjoy reading YOUR Free #1 Weekly Newspaper!