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Editor’s Note 4/25/2014

I hope everyone had a nice Easter last weekend. I had my Martin Rosol Easter kielbasa. Did you see the lines at Martin Rosols? I bought my kielbasa at the grocery store. I couldn’t wait two hours. I cooked it with all the traditional foods and it tasted just as good to me.

Do not miss our great photo display of all the Easter ceremonies at Sacred Heart Church on page 8 by Photographer Eva Gryk. Easter week events are glorious.

Many businesses on Broad Street were as busy as can be Thursday and Friday. This Sunday it should be even busier. The Third Annual Little Poland Festival is set. A lot of new attractions and foods will be added. I will force myself not to try one of everything.

I’m especially looking forward to seeing the new penguin mascot. Readers on our website overwhelmingly chose Pierogi as his name. I can’t wait to see what the Polonia Business Association decides on for his name. He looks cute as a button.

It was nice to see events take place on Earth Day across the City. Lately, it had seemed this important day was overlooked. It is really important to take care of our City and recycle. I congratulate all involved.

Our Facebook page – The New Britain City Journal – has been really busy. Please come and submit an interesting idea to go on a sign showcasing our City. The City is looking for as many ideas as possible. Do you know an interesting fact about New Britain? Come and be heard. It might be the best fact of all.

I have been stressed out all week about this $4 million problem. I’m really hoping this can be resolved soon. All City Councilmen, State Representatives and Board of Education need to work together. This should not be a political issue. There is no right and no wrong side. It needs to be fixed without hurting students or residents.

Did you read about the property owners plans to help the East Side of New Britain? It’s a big project and will certainly help the City. It is nice to no longer see the CT Property Owners Association called “slumlords”.

If you have a relative who was or is a veteran, be sure to buy them a flag for Memorial Day from the Suburban Woman’s Club of New Britain. It is only $10 and a great way to honor them and make a difference to veterans. See details on page 7.

I know you all want a joke from Facebook. How is this?

“I’m a second hand vegetarian. Cows eat grass. I eat cows.”

That is about the only way I am willing to be a vegetarian. I can’t give up meat for a lifetime.

Until next week, eat whatever you want, and keep reading New Britain’s #1 Most Trusted Newspaper!