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Opening Day 2014 did not go as planned for the Yankees, but I was not surprised by the outcome.

Of all the Yankee starters CC Sabathia is the one I have the least confidence in. At one time he was an awesome number 1. Now, he is more of a number 3 or 4 starter. His velocity is not there. His accuracy was not there either. He needs to be pinpoint in his pitching. He had a great spring training, but that does not mean a great season will follow.

I still love Sabathia as he is kind and caring and just the kind of Yankee we need as a person. But, he is not the Yankees’ best pitcher.

When I drafted for fantasy baseball this year, Sabathia was the only pitcher I was not interested in. Masahiro Tanaka and Ivan Nova were the ones I wanted most. Hiroki Kuroda should have a good year as well and Michael Pineda remains to be seen.

I believe Manager Joe Girardi is loyal and therefore went with Sabathia as the Opening Day starter. I love loyalty, but in sports you really need to put your best out there. Tanaka or Kuroda should have been on the mound.

As for the rest of the team: It was awesome to see Derek Jeter get his first hit of the season. I love seeing him out there. I wonder if every game the announcers are going to go on and on about this being his last season. We all know that and do not need to be reminded every time he is at the plate.

Brian McCann looked good at bat. He did have an error in the first that led to runs. Everyone seems to be expecting huge things from this guy. It will take a lot to sell me on him I guess. I still want Jorge Posada behind the plate.

I am interested in seeing what John Sterling says for the new guys when they hit home runs. I wonder if he will say that Brian McCann does the Can Can. I’m sure Carlos can ‘Belt-ran’ one out of the left field stands. I don’t know, but whatever Sterling says it must be better than the Grandy Man can for Curtis Granderson.

Next week at this time I am expecting the Yankees to be 6-2 and lead the division. Seriously, we need to give this team time to gel so don’t be disappointed if we are 2-6.

A lot is going to happen this year and as Yankee fans we are prepared for anything.

Go Yankees Go!