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Editor’s Note 3/28/2014

I attended a couple of really great New Britain events this weekend.

First was Shrek at NBHS. It was fantastic. It was better than a Broadway show. Our students put their heart and soul into everything they do. Lord Farquaad really had me laughing throughout the show. Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and many others really shined also. Congrats to everyone involved. I will not forget that night.

On Sunday morning I went to the TRIAD pancake breakfast. The chefs deserve a special thanks as it was terrific. It was such a great cause. Since it was my birthday I did get a serenade. I heard I turned 12 shades of red. You only turn 30 once (or more). LOL!

The New Britain City Journal is having a fantasy baseball league. Only 12 can enter. I have 5 so far. Prizes will be given out to winners. I bet you can’t beat me.

Go to to join. When full a draft will be held. Good luck!

See our website at for our new poll question.

Little Poland has a new Penguin mascot. Which name would you like it to be called?

Choices are Zak, Pola, Adam, Tomek, Pierogi or Gronk!

The new penguin will premier at the Little Poland Festival April 27.

I must tell you if you are not a member of our Facebook Group “The New Britain City Journal”, you are missing a lot. We have real time updates all the time. And great discussions that don’t involve hiding your real identity. If you have something to say at least your name is attached to it.

We still have the Home Improvement special running April 12. Call to get your ad in at 860-505-7612.

Do not forget to attend the free US Army Field Band Concert. Get your tickets in advance at the parks and recreation office in City Hall. You might be able to get some at the door, but I would not wait. You can even mail a self addressed stamped envelope in.

Also, the Easter Bunny is coming April 5 so put that on your schedule. It is at the Whinstone Tavern and children absolutely love it. New Britain is awesome to have such great events. Our children in particular have a lot to do if they just look.

It’s strange that lately either I find 2 good jokes on Facebook or none. Here are 2 for you this week.

“My dog can’t hear me yelling at him to stop chasing squirrels, but he can hear a cheese wrapper from 500 miles away.”


“I’ve finally reached the wonder years. I wonder where my car is parked. I wonder where I left my phone. I wonder where I left my glasses.”

I even wonder if I ran that one before.

Until next week may you wonder in peace and keep reading YOUR #1 Most Trusted New Britain Newspaper!