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City Events Should Not be Political

Two events – Halloween and Oktoberfest – were in essence this week given back to their rightful founders.

The New Britain City Journal will run the Halloween Safe Zone and Plans So Grand will have complete control over Oktoberfest.

Last year both were used by Former Mayor Tim O’Brien as a means to get votes. The Halloween Safe Zone event was taken in retaliation of news articles written against the administration by this newspaper.

Oktoberfest was instituted by O’Brien for the sole purpose of making him look as if he was accomplishing something.

It was a travesty that City money and resources were used for political purposes. That is not what being a Mayor should be about in New Britain.

Mayor Erin Stewart saw that it was not her place to try to control these two celebrations. Instead she paved the way to allow each group to hold the events without costing taxpayers any dollars or valuable resources. She took the situation and made it a win-win for everyone involved.

That is what a Mayor should do. Help residents by doing what is right by the City rather than a platform for political gain.