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Colon Looking for Endorsement in 25th District

Edward Colon was born and raised in New Britain living at Ledgecrest, attending Smalley, Pulaski and Goodwin Tech. He then went on to serve in the Third Infantry Division of the Army during the Iraq War. Then, he set his sights on school and will finish a law degree at Roger Williams University School of Law in Rhode Island this semester.

But, now he has his sights set on a new goal. Colon is seeking endorsement from the Republican Party for state representative in the 25th District.

“I think it is important that we have representing us in office, those with the best interest in mind for the municipality and putting economic development and tax relief in the forefront for the residents of New Britain,” said Colon. “Right now there is a consensus from the last election that people are ready for new leadership that will help bring New Britain into the future and not keep it stagnant.”

Colon said he grew up a Democrat and registered as an Independent. When he went into the army he thought more about his values.

“I think throughout the years I developed who I am,” he said. “The New Britain Republican Party is much different than the National Republican Party. It is far more practical, up to date and modern.”

In fact, Colon’s first fundraiser was held at West Side Tavern which is owned by a gay couple.

“This party is very dynamic and accepting,” said Colon. “I hope New Britain to be the face of the party in the future.”

Colon said he has several goals he would like to focus on if elected. The first is sufficient education for everyone.

“What I believe sufficient education is, is something that meets the demands of those who are participating and being educated,” he said. “Workforce development needs to be integrated into our schools. We need to ensure we look at high schools totally different. We need to get students ready for skilled labor jobs and trades.”

He said college and universities are not the only option.

“There are not enough jobs to meet the great influx of persons graduating from colleges,” said Colon. “There are plenty of jobs for plumbers, electricians, skilled laborers and tradesman. New Britain should be at the forefront of that.”

His second goal is working on veteran’s issues.

“We do have vets that struggle and are homeless and we need to do better for them as they have done for us,” he said.

His third objective is taxes.

“Connecticut’s gas taxes are the highest in country. They are aggressive. It does not make sense to have a tax that disproportionately affects the working poor,” said Colon. “It costs a lot to put fuel in our tanks. It is greatly affecting this community.”

He said the sales tax also stifles commerce and then businesses close.

“We have to do better,” he said. “We should be smart on how we tax our public.”

He said he has received great support from his mother and uncle and family is important for him.

“We are entering a new renaissance and will transition into a new New Britain. People have hope,” said Colon. “I love this city. It is a dear part of me. It is part of my heart and soul.”

Democrat Robert Sanchez presently is the state representative in the 25th District.