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Repealing a Bad Ordinance

This week residents should be congratulated for making a huge contribution to New Britain. Due to informed voters, the City is making wiser decisions.

This week the Common Council is looking to move forward in repealing an ordinance that put fees on landlords. The proposed ordinance, helped stall the real estate market in the City, promised to increase fees to renters and promoted the idea that New Britain was not business friendly.

It was one of many horrible resolutions put forth by the O’Brien administration.

Now the City is forced to eliminate one of what could be many of Mr. O’Brien’s bad policies.

This is not the only poor decision by Mr. O’Brien to haunt New Britain. Last week we learned Mr. O’Brien’s 2013-14 budget put the City in a $23 million deficit. The results of that, are yet to be unfold.

It is really no surprise to see Aldermen want to have this resolution repealed. What is a surprise is two of the three people proposing it. Democratic Alderman Carlo Carlozzi has been against this ordinance from the start. But, who expected fellow Democrats Manny Sanchez and David DeFronzo to be part of it? Both voted for the original resolution and had unkind words for those who spoke against it.

It appears that one of two things could have happened here. Possibly, neither were never really for the idea, but went along with party members because partisan politics is rampant in New Britain.

Or the two saw how residents went against Mr. O’Brien in voting him out of office in a landslide and are looking to save face for future elections.

Either way, both are throwing Mr. O’Brien under the bus because these bad decisions were ultimately his fault.

Congratulations must go out to them for finally seeing the light.

But, we must not fail to forget that removing this ordinance was an objective of new Mayor Erin Stewart. Many times, before being elected she promised to do whatever she could to remove the policy. If Mr. O’Brien were still in office, it is highly unlikely that Mr. Sanchez or Mr. DeFronzo would be supporting such a bill. It is only because Ms. Stewart is in office that change is taking place.

And that is where the contribution of residents fits in. It is because residents voiced their displeasure for unsound policy makers in the November election that we can move the City forward. You see, together, residents really do make a difference. New Britain certainly proved that.