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Pigskin Predictions

I have to say that was probably the worst Superbowl I ever watched. It was great for the Seattle Seahawks. But, for viewers who were not Seahawk fans, it was awful. I picked the Denver Broncos. It wasn’t a big deal to me to see them lose. I just would have liked to see the game more competitive.

Denver looked lost from the first play which was a safety. Peyton Manning played like he was not ready. It was definitely a Denver offensive loss more than anything.

Congratulations should go to the Seahawks. They were awesome both offensively and defensively.

Bill Carroll coached them to perfection. They played great all season long and whole-heartedly deserved that win.

My hopes are just that whichever two teams play next year, play a more exciting game. No one wants to watch a blow-out. I bet FOX TV ratings stunk in the second half. Parties probably ended early as no one cared for very long.

And the commercials? Not many caught my eye. Yes, the Budweiser commercial with the dog was cute. In general, I was disappointed. I hoped to see some moments where I was in awe. Instead I barely grinned. Boring.

Bruno Mars was fantastic. I wish his microphone was a bit louder as he seemed drowned out. The Red Hot Chili Peppers could have stayed home in their birthday suits.

So this season ended with me going 171-88-1 which puts me almost at 66 percent correct. I still can’t get the big game right.

As for the 2014-15 season, my NFC team to watch is the Arizona Cardinals. They will make the playoffs and some noise. In the AFC the Miami Dolphins will be the surprise. Of course, the New England Patriots will win it all in 2015.

So what are my final rankings for this year? They are not much different than anticipated.

1. Seattle

2. Denver

3. New England

4. San Francisco

5.  Carolina