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Pigskin Predictions

One more game left. It’s the big one. I am 171-87-1 for the season and would like one more correct.

The entire season I picked Denver to win the Superbowl. Last week I thought Denver was the best team, but would still find a way to lose to the Patriots. I believed Seattle would win the whole thing.

Now that Denver won, I’ve had to rethink my whole position.

I believe Denver has the best offense in the NFL and Seattle the best defense in the NFL. It is two great teams that play differently.

If this game was in Denver or Seattle the home team should win soundly. A neutral field in freezing New York changes everything.

I believe it will be a defensive game. I don’t expect 70 points scored. It will be a close game not decided until late in the fourth quarter.

Peyton Manning is by far the better quarterback. I do think Denver’s defense is playing a bit better than Seattle’s offense.

This means, I am taking the Broncos to win. Manning is one of my favorites, but I haven’t picked a Superbowl correctly since I chose the New Orleans Saints over the Indianapolis Colts in 2010. Don’t count on me getting this right.

Still I’m sticking with the Broncos in this spot. If Seattle’s offense continues to improve I would not be surprised to see them return next year.

Denver 27, Seattle 20

Top 5

1. Denver

2. Seattle

3. New England

4. San Francisco

5. Carolina