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Basic Square, Round and Line Dances Available Weekly in New Britain

This message is for seniors who know that Square, Contra and Round Dancing are good for the soul and our bodies. Many seniors have left the flock of dancers because it had become too strenuous keeping up with groups of younger dancers. Some have slight imperfections in physical makeup that leaves us to sit out at regular Square Dance offerings around the state.

Here in the Senior Center in New Britain there has been made available a facility for aspiring dancers, dancers who still have the ability to move at a pace that is at an entry level of ability and can handle very limited challenges on the dance floor. For example, square dance queues are called to a level that gets the seniors up on the floor with basic calls at a pace that respects the abilities of seniors.

Ed Rutty, who is a patient caller, has been engaged as a caller over years of experience and is comfortable calling for senior dancers. Ed has a repertoire of many recordings that are very familiar to us, seniors in central Connecticut. He had seniors performing a Virginia Reel recently and it was again the following week. Francis Georgetti of New Britain (our founder) can tell stories of earlier times in the world of Square and other types of folk dances. He and the gang have brought together a group of some two squares of dancers. Caller Ed Rutty has made innovations to structured calls by having six couples in one rectangle when some fellow dancers preferred to sit, watch and rest – while the dancing goes on.

The usual routine is to have square dancing with calls having simpler style patterns and then phase in a singing call square dance. After a short rest, Ed usually queues two easy Round Dances and then he will also play a couple of well known line dances, should attendees be willing to dance them.

The group is inviting you to attend this weekly entertaining is offered on Fridays at the New Britain Senior Center with plenty of free parking. There is a small weekly fee to participate in an afternoon of friendly camaraderie and dance. The events begin at 1:30 p.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m. The location is in the Senior Center on Pearl Street in New Britain, across from the Court House.

No advance reservations are asked for, just come in wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. There is coffee and a snack (provided by volunteering square dancers) available, good conversations, and of course – lots of conversation with pleasant camaraderie.