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Dems Override Veto

Mayor Timothy Stewart attempted to veto a resolution passed by the common council regarding payments made for non-profit companies owned by the Mayor or any member of the council, but the Democrats voted it down.

In an ongoing battle that began when Stewart ran for state senator, the Democrats claimed Republican members of the town council were receiving no-bid contracts. Even after Robert Curry, finance director, explained that all items are bid out, the Democrats continued to ask for “transparency” in the council.

Republican Alderman Lou Salvio said, when he looks around the council he sees as least two-thirds of the council not having something disclosed.

“They or their spouses have conflicts when it comes to money that comes from the city,” said Salvio. “We will see that, come a month or so from now, that there will be conflicts that are registered and disclosed about people.”

He said there are people that work for the school department, HRA, OIC and the city on the council.

“Let’s disclose all of that,” Salvio added. “Don’t stand here and hide behind a full closure resolution when it’s not full closure or transparent.”

He said this resolution was only meant to help Democratic candidates running for office come November.

Democratic Alderman Michael Trueworthy said there has been considerable debates for the last four months on the issue.

“I’m disappointed with the Mayors decision to veto it,” Trueworthy said. “I voted for it originally and will stick with my vote and plan to override the Mayor’s veto.”

The resolution was made by Democratic Alderman David DeFronzo two weeks ago. The resolution called for a written report to be included in the council agenda for payments made by or on behalf of the city to any private for profit entity working on the council.

A month ago Democrats tried to put a resolution through that halted payments made to anyone on the council for work they do through the city under “no-bid” contracts for 90 days. That was voted down.

Wednesday night’s overruling of the Mayor’s veto passed by party lines as the Democrats are the majority of the council.