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Editor’s Note 11/29/2013

This week, as the 50th Anniversary of John F. Kennedy assassination took place, it was great to see the Irish Social Club honor this great president. Everyone was speaking about how great it was to be an Irish Catholic. It may not be widely known with a last name like Vinci, but I too am an Irish Catholic. I am half Italian, about ¼ Irish and the rest is a mixture of Swedish and German.

Depending on the occasion I can be a variety of nationalities. I think Swedish is the one I use least. I usually say I’m a hot-headed Italian. On St. Patrick’s Day I’m Irish. If I am at an event at the Donau Club I am definitely German. I need to dye my hair blonde one day and join a Swedish group.

I have to admit I am laughing at the two daily newspapers in New Britain. All of sudden they are seeing the things we have been reporting for months. In the next six months I see so much more coming out. These papers refused to report what I was saying because Former Mayor Tim O’Brien said I was some kind of “right wing radical”. I must say that is outrageous, but the fact that they believed it and refused to report what he was doing is unconscionable. They are a paper and now that Erin Stewart is Mayor they decide to report the truth. This paper has never reported anything that was not factual. We just didn’t always choose to tell where our facts came from. We treasure our source’s privacy. Those other papers are about to look as silly as O’Brien does.

I was so excited to take part in the free TV giveaway this week. Jaws Pawn Shop on West Main St. donated a wonderful 42” TV. We had 165 entrees. Congratulations Jacqueline Lux. We hope to do another contest soon.

I am hearing the food pantries are running low. If you can donate something please do so. This time of year people tend to donate. Please do not wait until Christmas. The poor need food all year long. Please bring your canned veggies, beans, pasta, peanut butter, etc. to 29 Cedar St.

This paper is full of news and as always we bring you a piece of everything. Most news you can only find in this paper. We are thrilled to have so many dedicated readers.

Here is a Christmas Joke for you this week.

What’s the difference between the Christmas alphabet and the ordinary alphabet?

The Christmas alphabet has Noel.

Until next week know the alphabet and keep reading YOUR #1 Most Trusted Newspaper in New Britain!