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Shop Small Saturday

After you are done with your Black Friday sales at the big name stores take a break. Because on Saturday it is time to shop locally at the small stores.

If you truly want to see the local economy improve you are obligated to make your neighbors happy and visit their stores.

Page one of the New Britain City Journal gave a list of just some of the New Britain stores you may want to shop.

Many have great sales and great items. You can find almost anything you need.

This may not be the 1950s when downtown was thriving and streets were packed with people. But, it doesn’t mean there are not some businesses worth stopping by.

In the next few years resurgence will be happening in New Britain. It may never be what we had in the past, but it will grow.

In 2015 the CTFastrak will open and that brings a lot of great opportunities. The City must take advantage of every one whether it is grants to better our community or new ideas for commerce.

It all begins with residents. Residents need to want it to happen. Don’t just reminisce about the past ignoring the present and future.

Take the first step. Make a visit to a local store we do have in the City. Small Business Saturday can be a success for everyone.