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Editor’s Note 3/18/2011

Everyday the news from Japan seems to get worse. Each disaster from the earthquake to the tsunami to the nuclear power plant is more and more dangerous. How much more can these poor people take?

When we all complain about money and what we can and can’t have, we should look at the Japanese people and be thankful for what we do have. All of our situations could be a lot worse.

So, what happened in New Britain this week? The answer is a lot at the Stanley Golf Course. Last Saturday saw the Easter Bunny come to town. Kids really seemed to get a big kick
out of meeting the bunny. Breakfast with the Easter Bunny easily saw 1,500 people. There was a lot to do too.

The Stanley Golf Course also officially opened Thursday. It is going to be fantastic to see people back on the course in warmer weather. Yes, Spring really is coming!

If you can, stop by at least one of the three art galleries opening up in the city on Friday night. Read about why three are opening on the same night on page 1. It’s a nice event for New Britain.

We now have two Democrats officially running for mayor. It will be interesting to see who is chosen by the Democratic committee. Both candidates have a lot going for them.

We are still waiting word to see if Mayor Timothy T. Stewart will run again or if someone else will make an attempt to run as a Republican for mayor.

The political scene in New Britain definitely is not boring.

On page 5 the New Britain Health District has a story on Folic Acid. I never realized its importance until reading this article. The more I learn about vitamins and cancer, the one thing that has stuck in my mind is broccoli. It seems broccoli is good for everything.

We have two picture pages this week. People say a picture is worth a thousand words. I hope the two pages are worth a 100,000 words. One is about the Phoenix Theatre’s first production. The other is picture of children and families at the Breakfast with the Easter Bunny event.

The Bar Stool this week takes a look at The West Side Pub. I’ve seen the place, but have never stopped in. It looks like it could be an interesting spot. Read about it as well as the next event at The Hole in the Wall on page 9.

Are you a lover of Italian food? I sure am and some of my favorite recipes are on page 10. Mangia! We have a lot planned for next week. Until then, enjoy reading YOUR Free Weekly Newspaper!