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Landlords Unite to Oust Mayor O’Brien

Nearly 200 landlords and residents packed Whinstone Tavern Oct. 17 after Property Owner Joseph Carabetta planned a meeting and dinner there for those who wanted to help remove Mayor Tim O’Brien for office.

Carabetta, who owns Stonegate Apartments said, “We need to support Erin (Stewart) for mayor. I’ve talked to her a few times and she’s got what it takes.”

“I got involved in this fight about a year ago,” said Carabetta. “I talked to a couple of councilmen and they said there is no talking. The Mayor (Tim O’Brien) wants it this way. That’s BS.”

Many different people spoke including Bob DeCosmo, of the CT Property Owners Alliance and Eric Polinsky who works for Carabetta about what the City has done to them including calling them ‘slumlords’ and charging them various fees.

“Election Day is coming up really quick. Some of the things we warned about are now coming true,” said DeCosmo. “If Mayor O’Brien gets reelected you are going to be under the gun. If you are a tenant, you’re rents are going to be forced to go up. Landlords and property owners will see property values go down. You guys have the future at your fingertips. You need to vote on Election Day.”

DeCosmo said there is $2 million in the City budget that will need to be taken from property owners and they will begin getting charged right after the election if O’Brien wins.

“This is not good for the community,” said DeCosmo. “The City has a great future, but it will not be fulfilled if Erin Stewart is not elected mayor.”

The group recently formed a Political Action Committee for the first time in its 17 year history.

“We want to improve the housing situation in New Britain,” said DeCosmo.

Polinsky said Carabetta has always wanted to support affordable housing with his over 200 units in New Britain.

“We’re all business owners in town. If you want prosperity in New Britain you have to be favorable to business and property owners alike,” said Polinsky. “We don’t have that happening here.”

Guest speaker of the event was Sam Zherka, who manages Farmington Hills.

“This Mayor is so far off. He might as well call himself a communist,” said Zherka. “I was almost ready to move to New Britain and run for mayor myself to run this man off. That’s how mad he made me. This guy is so off track.”

Zherka said if Stewart does not win, he will move to New Britain and he will toss O’Brien out himself.

“I’m not political. I’m not a Democrat, Republican, conservative, Independent. I am a people person. I am with the people. I don’t care about any politician. To me they are all liars,” said Zherka. “The good news about Erin Stewart is, she is not a politician.”

Zherka said if she becomes a politician, she would need to be thrown out.

“Every single one of us is very powerful. We have more power and weapons and can overthrow governments. I’m not talking about tanks and bombs and stuff. I’m talking about the right to vote,” said Zherka. “The right to vote is the most powerful weapon that we have as people living in this country. Use that power.”

Zherka said O’Brien has done many outrageous things in the past two years including implementing 911 phone call fees.

“You have to take your future into your own hands,” said Zherka.

Mayor Tim O’Brien has issued a gag order on the New Britain City Journal.