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Elections 2013 – Alderman At Large – (D) Michael Trueworthy

Over the past two years, I have continued to fight for the people of this City. When issues arise at the State House, I am in contact with our delegation, and will often go up there after hours and on weekends during the legislative session to make sure that I understand the issues, and assist in whatever way I can to protect the interests of the city. Locally, we have done great work on budgetary matters over the past two year and it was not easy. I was integrally involved in the decision to hire more police officers. I fought to make sure that we put money into Senior Property Tax benefit programs. Putting funding aside for the South Main Street Corridor and fixing our veterans monuments are accomplishments that am very proud of. I have and I will continue to look to save funds by utilizing solar energy and conducting energy audits on our city parking garages to reduce energy costs. These are things that I have accomplished, not just talked about, in the last two years. Finally, on a weekly, if not daily basis, I receive calls at my house and my policy is that I return every call, and will meet with anyone. I am a hard worker who takes the views the position I have been elected to as a privilege and take it extremely seriously. I will continue to work for the people who have elected me, and never take that for granted.