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Elections 2013 – Alderman At Large – (L) Celeste Roche

Most people want what’s best for the city they live in, and some of us are up on lots of neat “tools” we can use to gussy things up. We can talk about these great dorky ideas brought to us by way of economics and urban planning. But they’re not relevant unless people in New Britain gain back confidence in their city, make the choice to fight to preserve and expand the dignity of this place. With vision, trust, dedication and some elbow grease, New Britain can reclaim the excellence that is hers. Having lived, worked and studied around the world, having had my choice of Chicago or New York, Beijing or Paris… I chose New Britain. I chose this place to be the recipient of what’s left of my youth, the “best years of my life,” whatever roots my family might develop—because I believe in this place. New Britain has unmatched character and unrealized potential. No two people in this city are alike, but we’re all hard hitters. Only vote for me if you want to be more proud of, more impressed by and more in love with this city… because that’s what I’m going to make happen.