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Endorsing Aldermen at Large

When you look at the Democrats running for Aldermen at Large each one of them have been on it for at least the last two years. This means each one has played a role in the mill rate increasing, passing a fantasy budget, bonding over $65 million and allowing Mayor Tim O’Brien’s horrible policies to be approved. And most have stated they are proud of these things.

When we say the City needs a change, these city officials are vital to be voted out of office.

Every resident can vote for Aldermen at Large on Nov. 5.

If you don’t want to see taxes continue to rise, 9-1-1 hot spot charges, unfair fees, money approved to pay off friends and investigations into the City, then you must vote out every single one.

We have no choice, but to endorse a change. The only way to see this is to endorse every candidate running against them.

That means the New Britain City Journal highly endorses Matthew Cannata, Daniel Salerno, Celeste Roche, Carmelo Rodriguez and Chris Polkowski.

We cannot endorse in any way Michael Trueworthy, Eva Magnaszewski, Suzanne Bielinski, David DeFronzo or Rha-Sheen Brown. Each must leave for the betterment of New Britain.

Trueworthy has continually backed the mayor up and we have even found him telling untruths during meetings to defend O’Brien. He said such things as residents were allowed a chance to speak at public audience during a Special Meeting involving Oktoberfest (it was a special meeting and no one was allowed to speak) and saying a budget transfer was made last year, when it was indeed done in April of this year.

DeFronzo defied the mayor admitting he was lied to as to how Community Organizer Brigitte Brown was being paid, but otherwise has followed the Mayor’s lead.

Rha-Sheen Brown has always backed the mayor and has never taken a stance against him.

Magnaszewski’s main focus is taking care of the animals and she does not go against the grain on other issues.

Bielinski does exactly what she is told and questions nothing as well.

Each of these Democratic candidates follows the same path and is only a hindrance to moving this City forward.

If O’Brien wins, these candidates will support whatever O’Brien wants and eventually New Britain will be in worse chaos than it already is in.

If Erin Stewart wins, the present Aldermen At Large will prevent her from moving the City forward. They will fight her at every move to make her term chaotic and at a standstill.

We can no longer live by this one party rule who feels it can make any decision it wants for political purposes rather then for residents.

Salerno and Cannata are Democrats running on the Republican slate because they know the Democratic Party in New Britain is broken and needs to be fixed.

Roche is a Libertarian who gets what the City is about. She is young, but as smart as anyone twice her age.

Rodriguez is honorable and will serve all residents with an open mind.

Polkowski works for the City and sees what it needs to succeed.

Each one of these people running on the Team Stewart slate is an excellent candidate.

If we want to see a real positive change in New Britain it starts here. I must urge you in this case to vote all those running on the Republican slate.

Our endorsement for Aldermen at Large goes to Matthew Cannata, Daniel Salerno, Celeste Roche, Carmelo Rodriguez and Chris Polkowski.