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Elections 2013 – Ward 5 – (R) Lou Salvio

The following candidates are running for Ward Aldermen. Each had the opportunity to submit a 200 word biography and a photograph. Each profile is unedited and presented in alphabetical order. Next week we will present candidates who are running for Aldermen at Large.

When Council Members are first elected they are required to take an oath that they will act on issues that promote the general welfare of the City of New Britain and ALL of its citizens. They swear to act in accordance to the stipulations of the City Charter and to uphold all the general laws, local, state and federal and in particular, the City ordinances that are the organic laws of the City, In general then,

It is important then that ALL Council members be reminded that they serve ALL the citizens of the City in a non partisan manner regardless of how they were elected, to wit, whether they are elected from a particular voting district or on an at-large basis. It has been my experience that too often, some Council members act parochially in their discussions on issues instead of concentrating on the General Welfare of the City’s citizens. After all, very vote of the Council affects all City citizens not simply those of an Council member’s District.

It is my opinion that partisan politics resulted in the changing of the City Charter in 2002 to move from electing Council Members on an at-large basis to the petty partisan arrangement we now have.