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Elections 2013 – Ward 2 – (R) Diane Domejczyk

The following candidates are running for Ward Aldermen. Each had the opportunity to submit a 200 word biography and a photograph. Each profile is unedited and presented in alphabetical order. Next week we will present candidates who are running for Aldermen at Large.

I have been born and raised in the city of New Britain and am currently employed with New Britain Parks and Recreation and work as a grounds keeper at Fairview Cemetery. Although I am a newcomer to this campaign, I believe I can contribute to making this city a beautiful and inviting place as it once was years ago.

I am very disappointed at how fast this city has become neglected and how most of my family and friends moved out because of all the neglect. We need to find solutions to all the problems and not run away from them. I want to represent every citizen by being their voice, by focusing and addressing their needs and concerns. If elected, I will sponsor clean-ups on a monthly basis. Our city is not a trash can! I would love to see this community come together and make a difference. We need to find solutions to help the homeless and the families in need. We cannot forget our senior citizens and veterans, we need to make sure they are never neglected in their needs. We need to ensure that we have proper funding for our educational needs and make sure that our students receive a quality education.

Everyone’s opinion matters and I will listen to every concern and do everything in my power to help in every situation. I am a hard working woman and I will apply the same work ethic and strong conservative values as alderman, as I do to my job. I will work diligently to provide you, the residents of District 2, of New Britain with the best services that the city can provide. I want people to love the city they live in, and most of all to be proud to live in it.