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Tax Payers Angry With Mayor O’Brien Plan Meeting

Hundreds of angry City taxpayers including homeowners, business men, women and landlords are expected to attend a meeting on Oct. 17 at 7 p.m. at the Whinstone Tavern at the Stanley Golf Course.

“The anti Mayor Tim O’Brien sentiment is growing thicker and thicker as Election Day comes near,” said Sam Zherka, Manager of Farmington Hills. “Many outraged homeowners are accusing Mayor O’Brien of lying to them when he ran for office two years ago.”

O’Brien who ran on the promise not to raise taxes, increased the mill rate by 8 mills. Taxpayers across the City received one of the highest increases in their tax mill rate in New Britain History. The increase in the mill rate has rendered actual tax increases varying from 8-12 percent across the board.

New Britain, one of the poorest Cities in Connecticut, has the second highest taxes in the State.

“With sinking property values, one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, failing schools and a tax and spend left wing communist Mayor, New Britain is heading to disaster,” said Zherka. “How the hell can Mayor O’Brien raise taxes on people who are already struggling? It’s time we take a stand and show them who the boss is.”

The Mayor’s Office has a gag order on the City Journal and no comment was given after phone calls.

Zherka, who is slated to be the guest speaker, urges homeowners to come to the meeting on Oct. 17th and to join the fight.

“It’s now or never,” he said. “Mayor O’Brien, must go.”

Landlords across the City have been battling with O’Brien since he attempted to bill them $150 per unit almost a year ago. Since then the fee has come down to $50 a unit, but inspections which could begin anytime ask multi-family owners to pay $150 per unit to pass inspections and continue to pay $150 each time a property does not pass inspection.

A lawsuit concerning these fees is still in progress.

Landlords said that in the past year O’Brien has continued to show his true colors in giving over $100,000 to friends such as the Global Strategies Group and David Pudlin, when the City economy is struggling.

Joesph Carabetta, one of the most prominent names in the real estate world, who also owns Stonegate apartments in New Britain, will be providing free food and beverages for all guests who attend.