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Pigskin Predictions

By Robin Vinci

I went 9-5 last week. After 4 weeks I am 40-21. There were a lot of excellent games last week. Many surprise teams out there. Other than Denver, there has been no real consistency.

Sunday at 1 p.m. the Patriots take on the Bengals. Who wins this game depends upon if Danny Amendola and Rob Gronkowski play. If one of the two play, it’s going to be a close game. I’m taking the Pats, but only if at least 1 of the 2 plays. Otherwise I call it a draw.

New England 27, Cincinnati 24

The New York Giants play the Philadelphia Eagles at home at 1 p.m. The Giants have to win once this year. Why not this week? Taking New York, but not feeling great about it.

New York 24, Philadelphia 23

The New York Jets play the Atlanta Falcons on Monday night. I must stick with the home team. I do not believe in the Jets at all. Geno Smith is not ready.

Atlanta 23, New York 20

New Orleans 30, Chicago 28 – I was tempted to take the home team, but I’m starting to believe in the Saints.

Green Bay 34, Detroit 32 – I still like the Packers especially after a week off.

Kansas City 23, Tennessee 21 – Do you like Alex Smith? He sure has changed the Chiefs.

Seattle 23, Indianapolis 20 – This could be the Seahawks year. They are even better than I expected.

St. Louis 21, Jacksonville 13 – Jaguars continue to lose

Miami 24, Baltimore 17 – The Ravens look lost and Miami wins.

Arizona 17, Carolina 14 – Home team advantage in this dull game.

Broncos 34, Dallas 21 – Peyton Manning! Need I say more?

San Diego 24, Oakland 21 – Could go the other way since the Raiders are home.

San Francisco 27, Houston 24 – Another home team advantage game although both teams are disappointing so far. Houston has dropped out of my top 5.

Top 5

1. Denver

2. Seattle

3. San Francisco

4. Detroit

5.         New England