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Elections 2013 – Board of Education – Daniel Davis (R)

My name is Daniel Davis and I am running for the New Britain Board of Education. For several months I have had the privilege of working as an interim teacher at New Britain High School. I have seen firsthand what the school district is doing well and not so well. I believe that with additional insight and materials we can prepare our students better for college and careers.

I am a strong proponent of education. In a city like New Britain, education is the key to unlocking many of life’s doors for our students. As a member of the Board of Education, I will ALWAYS place the students first, above any other interest. Our students’ education is too important to politicize. I know that there is no Republican or Democrat way to educate our children and I will carry that with me on the Board of Education.

I hope to gain voters’ trust in this election. This is my third race in three years and during that time I have talked with many parents concerned about education. I long for the chance to represent the city to help the school system that nurtured me. I ask for your support on November 5th. I vow to work tirelessly on your behalf.