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My first thought upon thinking about the Yankees is do I really have to write about them? Boy, are they done.

It’s been a long year and the word I would use when describing it is “wasted”.

There were so many opportunities for this team to make the playoffs.

The year started off with injuries and ended the same way.

Even with the injuries the Yankees were in first place several times in the first third of the season. Issues arose just before the all-star game. Players were to come back following the all-star game, but more injuries arose and delays occurred and it got late.

Even by the time the many of the main players returned there was still possibilities.

But one day the pitching was awful. The next day hitters looked like minor leaguers.

There was no consistency and no real drive. The team had a few moments. But, mostly it looked like a team that was just going through the motions. It was a year with many “wasted” opportunities.

Still it was nice to see an awesome ceremony celebrating the greatest closer of all time in Mariano Rivera last Sunday. New York knows how to do things right.

The team will certainly look different next year and it will be interesting to see if players are picked up through free agency or trades or through the minors.

George Steinbrenner, if he were alive, would certainly pay to get the best. It seems his children are a bit more conservative when it comes to spending cash.

I just don’t want to rely on players like Eduardo Nunez. He makes so many errors it drives me nuts.

If next year the Bombers do not want to end 12 + games behind, there needs to be a lot of moves. Catching and pitching is where it needs to start, but a good third baseman will be important as well.

Next week I will give my prediction for the post season. Unfortunately, the Yankees will not be in that conversation.