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Editor’s Note 9/27/2013

If you are around Saturday, please make it a point to go to the League of Women Voters debate at Trinity on Main from 1-3 p.m. I think it will be interesting. I am hoping they ask some really important questions, but I kind of doubt it.

Mayor Tim O’Brien refused to go to the Citizen Taxpayer Owners Association debate because they would ask tough questions. Mr. O’Brien only goes to an event he has some control over and most of the LWV are Democrats and will ask easy questions.

It’s really important to ask tough questions of both candidates. Mr. O’Brien should be asked to explain why he gave over $100,000 to friends and why taxes rose even though he promised they would not. The mill rate went up by 8 mills. There is no denying residents are paying more for less.

Republican Erin Stewart should also be asked tough questions such as how her age benefits citizens or if she is old enough to run the City.

I want to see both candidates answer questions they are uncomfortable with. I do not want questions that are personal. I write a lot about the issues. But, personal lives should be kept that way. I stay away from those types of issues. They are not relevant for either candidate.

I think this debate should give us a chance to see who really stands out. I really am hoping it does that.

If Ms. Stewart was to win the election and I believe the only way that will happen is if we have a huge voter turnout, she should be asked even tougher questions two years from now.

I am tough on Mr. O’Brien. I gave him one year before I saw what he was doing. If Ms. Stewart wins, I will give her one year as well. If she is performing badly, believe me the City will know about it. She has no special privileges. This paper is about and for New Britain and not for anything else.

I hope you have read about winning a free TV through our word scramble contest. We love to give to our residents and hope to do more of it. Be sure to read our paper each week and enter. And plan on attending when the winner’s name is pulled from a hat at Jaws Pawn Shop. You stop at Jaws and check out the TV any day. I hope you win!

Did you watch the UConn/Michigan game Saturday night? Did you see Alderman Jamie Giantonio in the audience? He was so excited it was great to see someone from our City on TV. Too bad the Huskies lost.

Joke for this week!

“I just burned 1,200 calories. I forgot the pizza in the oven.”

Until next week, watch what is in the oven and keep reading YOUR #1 Most Trusted New Britain Newspaper!